Expanding Banyan Tree Resorts into Myanmar

During my spring semester abroad (2014) in Sweden, I took an International Marketing course. Our main project for this class was to select a company and develop a business plan on how to expand their business into a new country.

For this project, I was assigned to a culturally-diverse team that included two Taiwanese students, an Australian student, a Mexican student, and an Argentinian student. We worked together for two months to researching, analyzing, and compiling a business plan for the Singaporean luxury resort company, Banyan Tree, and their expansion into Myanmar and resort market. We chose this because we were interested in the tourism growth in Myanmar and wanted to see how feasible it was for a luxury resort to survive there.

This project taught be both about all of the factors that influence a company when moving into a new market as well as taught me working in a diverse team with people who come from different backgrounds than me.

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